A Debt Collector Is Calling Me

Posted in: Debt Collection

You are at home, and someone calls you.  It’s a number you don’t recognize.  You pick up and quickly realize that the person on the other end of the line is a debt collector.  They tell you that you owe money to a company you have never heard of.  Or, they talk about a debt you recognize but the amount doesn’t sound right.  What do you do next?

You may have more options than you realize.  If you are tired of the telephone calls or just don’t seem to be getting anywhere with the collectors, you may want to put it in writing.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has published five form letters you may want to use to communicate to the collector about the debt.

The first letter requests more information about an unfamiliar debt.

The second letter indicates you, the consumer, are disputing the debt and do not want the collector to contact you again.

The third letter may be used if you want to communicate with the collector to resolve the debt, but only want them to call or contact you at certain times.

The fourth letter notifies the collector you have hired an attorney and that they must contact them and not you.

The fifth letter is a request to stop contact.  The collector could pursue other remedies such as bringing a lawsuit to collect the debt, but this letter could provide some temporary relief.

The CFPB provides general information to consumers.  For a free consultation regarding your specific debts and legal rights, contact The McKellar Law Firm, PLLC.